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Femina Jewellery Mart

We manage the entire life-cycle from conceptualizing to photography, and the results are out there.

When Femina Jewelry Mart wanted a Brand Establishment and Brand Positioning Strategy to help them rebrand and reposition themselves among the top-selling jewelers in the highly-competitive and brand-loyal Trichy market, they were essentially looking for a marketing and branding agency in Trichy that could help them design a Branding Strategy which would turn the odds into an unimaginable opportunity.


We decided to target high net worth individuals by giving their brand in a contemporary style and understated fashion. 

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The brand wished to attach with its jewelry the feeling of exclusiveness and a pride in owning FJM designs. 

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The jewelers market in India is abuzz with new trends tirelessly, changing its course in the blink of an eye. In such a competitive market, FJM relentless passion for crafting the unique needed an incredible storyline to strongly advocate its core principles- Craftsmanship, Quality, Service and Purity exuding a strong sense of luxury.

We’ve worked on their Brochure, Bill Board and Advertising Design, along with Digital Marketing and and Corporate Identity. Given our deep understanding of their brand needs.



Femina Jewellery Mart


September 2021

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