An Election Campaign

Lions’s Club

Making U bigger than I

Inventing idea is ordinary.. We invent an emotion. Lion’s 2nd Vice District Governor election of Dist.324F. A huge exciting moment….

We take over the total branding of MJF Lion Er. A. Savariraj.

Getting into it

The vibrant blue and red palette that we gave them marks their leap in time, while positioning him as a strong party. 

More info

The client was so pleased with our campaigns that they assigned all their subsequent strategic initiatives to Kickstart.

The Design Edge

The colourful and engaging visual style campaign materials defiantly stepped outside of the stale boundaries established by the establishment. Our campaigns narrated his excellent service..
And finally we won the race… Yeah.. He won the Pride of the Day… and Inaugurated as a Honourable Vice District Governor…!
Hearty Congratulations MJF Lion Er. A Savariraj sir….



MJF Lion Er. A Savariraj


April 2022

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