Breast Cancer Awareness Marathon


SBCF Mammorun

An awareness program towards breast cancer is a bold vision led by Dr G Viswanathan Group of Hospitals and Dr. K. Shantha Breast Cancer Foundation with support from dozens of volunteers.

Getting into it

This SBCF Mammorun Programme was designed to respond to the urgent need to accelerate progress in breast cancer, which is the most diagnosed cancer in women and the leading cause of death from cancer in women. 

More info

This comprehensive programme strengthens and engages the global breast cancer community, with the overall goal of contributing to the reduction of premature deaths from breast cancer and improving the quality of life of patients.

The Design Edge

With our awareness program there was a significant increase in level of knowledge regarding breast cancer at a single month campaign and hope this awareness will be sustained all over Trichy.


Welfare Programme

Dr G.Viswanathan Group of Hospitals

Oct 2022

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