Rotary Club of Tiruchirapalli Shakthi


Rotary Club of Tiruchirapalli Shakthi is a non-profit organisation in Trichy that operates a social programme

They wanted to showcase their projects and share the story of their activities and transformation among people. They also wanted the story to be told differently.

As one of the leading Branding Agencies, we strategized the launch of their flagship bulletin. The outcome was able to multiply its chain of services all over Trichy. This Bulletin created a strong buzz among the Team members to involve various camps and help the needy.

Website Development

Rotary club of Tiruchirapalli Shakthi wanted to break into the big league of poverty elimination in Trichy. Website Design as the starting point of their re-branding exercise, but didn’t know how to go about doing it. We got the ball rolling for them by eliminating all the unnecessary design, reducing the clutter, and giving them a slick content-rich website with butter-smooth navigation.

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When we started work with them, the first thing we figured was that their brand identity was non-differentiated from other Rotary clubs and there was a clear lack of consistency across their brochures, reports and promoting collaterals.


There may be scores of design houses who produce slick Term bulletins. However, our expertise lies in detailing and fine-tuning every page, every printed word and image of the final output. During bulletin design, we ensure that every element ties in with the project story that you want to tell. So every inch of this marketing collateral bears a stamp of your company.

Not only that, we also vouch for the superior print quality of our brochures. You gotta see to believe that we deliver what we promise.



Monthly Bulletin focused on their projects

Rotary Club of Tiruchirapalli Shakthi


Jul 2020

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