Shine N Fine

Designer Jewellery

Client Vision to Outshine

It was crystal clear that Shine N Fine, the brand itself and its eccentric creations are not for masses, but a niche audience who loves art and indulging in aesthetic experience. The brand wished to attach with its jewellery the feeling of exclusiveness and a pride in owning Shine N Fine designs. 

Getting into it

As a branding agency, the onus was on us to design a distinctive Grand Opening Campaigns using strategic marketing tools, that are both cost-effective and client engaging.

More info

The client was so pleased with our campaigns that they assigned all their subsequent strategic initiatives to Kickstart.

The Design Edge

Micro-targeting strategy was adopted to maximize the visibility of the brand. Hence, taking into consideration the multiple touch points our target audience is exposed to, we devised an all-encompassing marketing strategy with a responsive campaigns.



Shine N Fine

Imitation Jewellery

March 2022

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