Tradition that Makes Woman Pride


Tradition Talks

As Sarathas is reputed for its Tamil Tradition, we decided to combine ancient Tamil Poetry (Aathichudi) with Tamil vowel to accomplish 12 months of the 2022 year calendar.

Getting into it

We decided to target high net worth individuals by giving their brand Sarathas of luxurious elegance, in a contemporary style and overwhelmed Tradition. We deepened the mystique surrounding the Textile that made talk of the town.

More info

The client was so pleased with our campaigns that they assigned all their subsequent strategic initiatives to Kickstart.

The Design Edge

When our strategy and design worked like a charm, the client invited us to take the lead on further collaterals like Bill Boards and Lollipop Board. We gave them a distinct modern-traditional identity by conceptualizing and executing an elaborate Pride of Silks which was sited in the view point of Railway junction in Trichy.



The Sarathas

The Largest Silk Empire

March 2022

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