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TN Ghee

Traditional Tongue-Tingling diverts

Ghee is an indivisible part of culinary time. You fail to resist over the tempting crunchy bites that give you a mouthful of taste. These tiny mind-diverts are available over the shelves in the market or placed at the shops and stalls where you take trolls to grab some of ‘em. TN GHEE is one of the brands, who is involved in manufacturing varieties of traditional food products that supports in your kitchen and they looked upon us to help them create a focused brand identity.


During the brainstorming session, we soon learned about TN Ghee’s popularity in their locale. But the absence of identification element in the package design concerned the sales broadly.

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It had to have a design to create enriched appeal and an easy recall value for the brand when it competes with other product ranges in the market.

The Great Launch

We increased Tn Ghee’s shelf value by creating a master design for every package range to jell with product its quality and content. To arouse the appetite, yellow was chosen as the background colour of TN Ghee’s packaging. The branding exercise was followed by designing Marketing Collateral, Exhibition panels, Print Advertisement and also assigning a brand name for one of its product range.



TN Ghee

Food Product

September 2021

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