Trichy Fab Cluster

Brand Identities

An industrial client dealing with Steel, wanted us to create Brand Identities like Logo Design and Corporate Identity.

They wanted the identity to come across as contemporary and closely aligned with their business. The challenge in industrial design is to bring out the functionality, while maintaining the aesthetics of a brand’s attributes. The idea is also to align the overall look and feel of the brand with the business goals. It combines the 9 Group of companies to create something path-breaking.


We took pains to understand the values, philosophy and business objectives of this client before delving into their designing work. Eventually, we decided in favour of a simple typography with a Letter based logo.

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Later, we were also assigned to develop their Signages. Our Presentation Strategy and Design won them several accolades and deals from their clients.


The vibrant Red and Blue palette that we gave them marks their leap in time, while positioning them as a strong, technology-driven brand. The client was so pleased with our Logo Design and Corporate Identity that they assigned all their subsequent strategic initiatives to Kickstart.



Trichy Fab Cluster


March 2020

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