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KSTAR 320MW Solar-water Power Plant in East China is divided into 2 phases, one is 200MW, and the other is 120MW.

For the phase I of the big project (FIT is 0.85 RMB), it is 200MW installation with a total investment 250 million USD at Zhouxiang reservoirs in Cixi. The plant has been operational stably and safely for more than three years at a solar-water Power Park, and it is the largest solar-water park in China.

The second phase of a 320 MW  project starts to generate electricity since Dec 30,2019,whose subsidy is 0.095 RMB kwh and the total investment of Phase 2 is 100 million USD. 

The 320MW  (120MW+200MW ) power plant, whose central inverters are all provided by KSTAR,   has been completely grid-connected with an expected annual generation of 352 million KWH. It is the largest solar-water PV plant in China, which all the electricity is connected into the State Grid Corporation of China,greatly reducing the pressure of local power grid operation,making environment much greener by utilizing renewable energy.The power plant can save 100,000 tuns of coal annually, and reduces 189,200 tons of carbon dioxide and 14.32 million tons of sulfur dioxide. The annual electricity revenue of the owner is about 45 million USD, and the annual fishery income can reach nearly 5 million USD. 

The Zhouxiang reservoirs at Cixi are very large with fishes and shrimp farming ,covering nearly 300 hectares, and the widen surface is very suitable for the installation of large-scale solar power plant. Near the reservoirs, the transportation is very convenient. Besides,the area is located in the subtropical region with a monsoon climate.The annual average temperature is 16.0℃,and the highest of the average is 28.2 in July,℃, the lowest temperature is 3.8℃.There is sufficient rainfall, with an annual average rainfall of 1272.8mm. The peak month of precipitation is September, accounting for an average of 14% of the annual rainfall. The environment is a challenge for PV manufacturers, but for KSTAR, its flexible turnkey solutions provide higher yields, safety and reliability for the whole project. The operating temperature range of the inverters is –40℃~+60℃(More than 50℃ derating). 

KSTAR central inverter greatly shortens construction period and saves operation cost, but also has great advantages in post-operation and maintenance, anti-corrosion capacity, smart anti-PID solutions.

Learn more:  https://www.kstar.com/newinformation/17387.jhtml

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